Over the last academic year, some of our retail and marketing team have been working alongside Year 2 Fashion and Textile students at MK College to curate a clothing collection for our flagship store in Midsummer Place.

It’s a really positive collaboration where we’ve swapped ideas and advice on retail and marketing with ones for forecasting the latest fashion trends and a young person’s perspective on sustainable fashion.
It’s a vision we can then take to our other stores and ultimately help you to find the perfect outfit. 
The end result is Cygnet, a collection of specially selected items aimed at 16-25 year olds. The Cygnet brand is exclusive to our flagship Midsummer Place store and you’ll be able to discover some unique finds in the dedicated Cygnet space in store.

Rachael Withe, our Marketing Manager, spoke for us all, when she said “We are thrilled to be working with the students at MK College to support their studies as well leveraging their expertise to attract younger and more fashion-conscious shoppers into our stores. Students have visited our donation-sorting warehouse to make a selection of clothing that will be sold under their own label, Cygnet, which they have developed to specifically appeal to the 16-25 year old shopper. It’s been exciting for us to see their selection process and has certainly helped us gain a fresh perspective on current trends.”  

As part of the ongoing retail collaboration project, MK College photography students have documented the process and participated in creating imagery for point of sale and advertising material. Keep an eye on our social channels for the results!

Gemma Hudson-Findley, Course Team Leader: Art and Design at the MK College said: “This is an invaluable partnership. It gives our students an opportunity to work with a real-life client and gain experience in accepting briefs and delivering assignments in retail.

“They have been excited to go out into a business environment to apply their knowledge in a really practical way. They particularly enjoyed the upcycling project where they were given a selection of clothing to reimagine into a different outfit.”  

As we continue to support their studies, there are more projects with the Fashion students in the pipeline we look forward to sharing much more on this really exciting venture.