This week sees the official opening of our new clearance store at The Point. The transformation from deserted Bingo Hall to our newest shop has been incredible.

This was no ordinary makeover or shop fit-out. As with each of our shops, the space we were working with was unique and we had a long checklist, a short timeframe and a few set backs along the way.

As a charity, our budget was extremely limited so we used every opportunity to re-use and recycle, and accepted donations of both materials, skills and labour.  Sustainability was at the heart of the whole project, this ensured the messages to our supporters were ethical and authentic.

We acquired a lot of different store signage, we salvaged railings and shop fittings, carrier bags, barriers and we able to use donated TV’s as display screens in store.

There were over 400 tables and chairs in the old bingo hall which our team dismantled, and wood and metal were re-cycled and re-sold to raise funds.

We kept all the original fittings where ever we could, the counter housing the till area was decorated with donated paint and we had help from an amazing team of volunteers from local businesses who painted the interior.

We owe a huge thanks  to our whole retail team, volunteers and wider community who all made this all happen and we sincerely hope you enjoy shopping with us.