Willen Hospice is celebrating it’s 100th ‘leaf’ on its Tree of Life, which sits in the tranquil Peace Gardens at the lakeside Hospice.
The Tree of Life is a metal sculpture that offers a way for people to leave a beautiful tribute to their loves ones with a personalised, engraved metal leaf and a personal message, which is hung on the tree.

Sharon, who has a leaf on the Tree of Life, said, “I took my 96 year old Nanna to hang our memorial leaf on the Tree of Life. She chose where to put it, and wow, she was so ‘happy’ emotional about how beautiful the tree is and the leaf. That place is my heaven on earth and you are all amazing there. My whole family would like to thank you. I didn’t tell them what I was planning and they absolutely love it. Once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making it happen, but mostly for the smile on my Nanna’s face.”

Vinny Moran, Willen Hospice In Memory and Regular Giving Manager said, “We are delighted to have reached this incredible milestone, and Sharon’s words show just how important each and every leaf on that tree is. It’s about keeping the memories of those who are no longer with us alive, and giving their friends and family a calm place to celebrate that person’s life, whenever they wish.

“Whilst many of the leaves are for those who have been cared for by Willen Hospice, anyone is welcome to order a leaf for anyone, wherever they died.”

The Tree of Life was handcrafted by local artist and blacksmith, Will Jones. He worked in collaboration with a local retired landscape architect, Brian Mitchell, who created the Peace Garden. The project was initially made possible thanks to funding from the Albert Hunt Trust. Charterhouse Medical UK, with the help of Elite Lawn Solutions and landscape architect Phil Hewitson, went on to fund the development of the Peace Garden with uplighting and beautiful planting done by their fantastic staff.

The Tree of Life also helps the Hospice to support future families by generating fundraising income. This is done by suggesting a regular donation in return for a place on the tree. The leaf can stay there for as long as someone pleases, or can be kept at home for a one-off payment for the leaf and engraving.
Find out more about getting an engraved leaf for our Tree of Life here.