Physiotherapy at the Hospice involves keeping our patients as active as possible. Our bodies become weaker and weaker the less we do and activity can help us feel less tired, less worried, stronger and more confident. Activity doesn’t have to be about doing exercises; it’s about finding activities that you enjoy doing to keep your body moving.

Emma is a specialist physiotherapist, here at Willen Hospice, and together with our Therapeutic and Wellbeing team, is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that patient wellbeing is the heart of everything we do.

“Palliative Care is possibly not the first setting you would think of when speaking about Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but this is an area becoming more recognised for the hugely positive impact it can have on patients and those close to them”.

This is the very reason Emma is keen to raise awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy as part of our holistic end of life care, she goes on to say that;

“Many people are surprised when I tell them I work in Palliative Care, expecting that there isn’t a need for a Physiotherapist within a hospice, but this is when I get the chance to explain what it is our team actually does, the support we can provide and the huge difference we can make.”

Emma tailors her sessions to the individual needs of our patients, which may include a seated exercise class to music or other group activities, as well as the chance to meet others who are facing similar challenges. She also treats patients at our In Patient Unit where she supports each patient to achieve their specific goals.

Emma proudly tells us “Even after just a few sessions, the feedback has been so positive, and patients have commented that “I never expected to be able to manage what I just did” or ‘I’ve had so much fun!”

“I really enjoy the variety and the challenges that come with this role, but the best part is supporting someone to achieve something really important to them and knowing you’ve been able to make even the smallest difference.”

We are so very lucky to have such passionate people on our team, like Emma, to ensure our families are aware of all aspects of end of life care that are available to them. It is so important to start discussions around the benefits of maintaining a good quality of life, however long that may be.

You can find more information and resources on Physiotherapy here.