Donate Items

Donating your pre-loved items to Willen Hospice can make a real difference...

If you have unwanted items cluttering up your home or office, please consider donating them to Willen Hospice.

Our shops rely on the generosity of people donating items. We sell the items to raise much-needed funds to support our care.

Our handy guide to donating items is below.  Or to find your nearest shop click here.

If you're donating items and you are a UK taxplayer, please Gift Aid your donation and we can receive an extra 25% on its value at no cost to you. Please download our Gift Aid form or fill out a form when you drop off your items at the shop.

What can you donate?


This includes adult and children's clothing, shoes and handbags. Even if your items are damaged or unsaleable for any reason, we can still generate income by recycling them. (We regret we are no longer able to accept collection for ragging of bedding items such as pillows, quilts, bed linen, towels or curtains).


We can accept all sorts of furniture donations to sell in our shops. If you have a larger item we can arrange collection too - please contact our Furniture team on 01908 578253 to arrange. Please note upholstered items need to carry the relevant fire labels for us to be able to resell them.


All our shops sell books and are one of our most popular sellers. We can even accept books in an unsaleable condition as they can raise money for the Hospice by being recycled. Sorry but we can't resell or recycle magazines.


Donated toys do need to include their original packaging with instructions and safety notices (soft toys need to have CE label attached to them).


We can accept a range of items including pictures and ornaments.

Elecrical items

There are only certain electrical items we are able to accept. Before travelleing to donate your item, please contact your local shop to discuss.

A bit more about Gift Aid
Adding Gift Aid to your donation increase its value to Willen Hospice by 25%

We can reclaim the basic rate tax from HMRC - there's no cost to you and the process is simple. Please download our Gift Aid form and bring it with your donation or fill out a form at the shop where you drop off your items.

Thank you for your support

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