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Tue 14 Nov 2017 - posted by Willen Hospice

A team of five from Jane Smith Financial Planning, a self-proclaimed ‘pretty unfit bunch’, have committed to a 1000 mile challenge – 1000 miles over 10 weeks. 

They don’t care how they do it, but it’s 1000 miles of activity for the 10 weeks from 18th September.  The types of activities will include running, cycling, boot-camping, playing tennis, anything that clocks up the activity to help us achieve our target by 26th November.  One of them has even committed to their miles whilst they are away at Disneyworld, that is commitment!

The first week was easy peasy – all of the team were super motivated and geared up to take on this great challenge. Soon after reality set in and they realised just how hard they would have to work in order to get their mile goals in each week. In the 4th week of their challenge they are starting to find their rhythm and some of them are even starting to enjoy it!

This challenge is giving them a great opportunity to increase health and confidence and join local clubs and fitness groups. It is also a great opportunity for them to support Willen Hospice who they feel do such fantastic work. “To be able to access a service that provides such all-encompassing support at a tremendously difficult time is invaluable.”

Please show support to this fantastic team of five and donate to their fundraising page here.

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1000 mile challenge

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