We’ve been caring for our growing community since 1981. The legacy gifts you pledge strengthen our ability to provide much-needed services for the people of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

It’s your way of caring for others and ensuring that they receive the support and dignity they deserve far beyond your lifetime. We spoke to three of our generous legacy pledgers recently, who have given us some insight into why they have chosen to recognise the Hospice in their Will.


Nas Rockley, Legacy Pledger

Nas Rockley: “We have pledged a gift to Willen Hospice in our Will as a way to thank them for the love and care they provided to Dad during his final moments. It’s our way of giving something special back to them after we are gone.”


David Pratt, Legacy Pledger

David Pratt: “My mother was cared for by Willen Hospice. She was only in there a fortnight, but all the nurses and staff were very good to her. You couldn’t fault them. I used to go down there with our small dog, and have meals with her every night. Back then, she was in a ward, overlooking the lake. I remember her saying, ‘This is the closest I’m going to get to a sea view.’

“It’s an upsetting time, but everyone there made you feel so happy and took the negative parts away. They put you at ease. I don’t have any family to leave my house to, so I’ve decided to leave it to Willen Hospice and a few other charities, because they need help. That’s the best alternative; it’s going to do some good, which makes me feel good.” 


Eric Coles, Legacy Pledger


Michael Coles (Eric Cole’s nephew): “Willen Hospice was a local charity that had provided help and support to many of Eric’s friends and family members. It was a cause he liked to support and he hoped that the legacy he gave in his Will would help make a difference to the Hospice in these difficult times.”  


We work with a range of local solicitors who can offer you help and advice on writing or updating your Will. During ‘Making a Will Month’ in May, participating solicitors waive their fees for writing or updating a Will in lieu of a donation to Willen Hospice. Solicitors will advise on the suggested donation amount, which is usually half the cost they would normally charge for their services.

Find out more about Will Month and make an enquiry here.