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Willen Hospice is one of the most loved charities* in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area**. We’re close to so many people’s hearts because of the compassionate, personal end of life care we provide for free, both at our hospice at beautiful Willen Lake and in people’s homes.

We give constant care in a friendly, peaceful environment where patients coming to the end of their lives, and their loved ones, can really make the most of their time left together. Willen Hospice is a charity that puts patients and their families at the very heart of everything that we do.

Our hospice is run by local people for local people; everything we do is to ease the pain of those near the end of their lives and to really be there for the families too. This is why so many people in Milton Keynes are so passionate about the charity. We are so proud to be part of a thriving community that supports each other – we simply cannot do what we do without you.

We are the only adult care hospice in Milton Keynes. Willen provides a wide range of services to assist terminally ill people with a wide range of illnesses but also support their friends and families.  We have 170 staff and over 600 volunteers who enable us to do this vital work, but we simply cannot do it without the ongoing support of our community, their fundraising and donations.

Our specialist doctors and nurses have been caring for local families for almost 40 years. The ways we help include residential care, Willen at home, patient and family services and bereavement support – they are all free of charge and our care touches the lives of thousands of people every year. Our care gives real comfort, eases pain and reduces anxiety for patients and their loved ones.

*Willen Hospice is a registered charity.
**We provide care for people from the age of 18 years upwards and work in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Willen Hospice provides services to three Primary Care Trusts - Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. The Hospice is based at a quiet lakeside area close to the City Centre.




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